Our bikes stand out from a crowd, but how they look now is not something we have only decided. The style and colours have gone trough an evolution. An interesting, anarchistic evolution, where is a story behind.

The whole story begins in 2012 when we decided that teams bikes is going to have own kind of a style which no-one else could ever have. If you just gasped, you’re not the only one. Everyone did that. Who buys a new racebike and lets it be painted like that? Of course no-one else but Track Punk Racing, and that made the bike very famous among all riders in Finland. Everyone knew The Pussy-BMW aka Pillubemari. Everyone.

But, every now and then everyone crashes, and then fairings need new paint. Because you can’t re-paint the unique, you have to create new, but can’t abandon the style. It was time for The Porn Bullet, summer 2013. Is it possible to get bored with this kind of painting? No, but still already in the end of the summer 2013 the BMW got a new look again.

All the racers already knew the bike, but public didn’t. One time there was an older lady who walked trough a pitline with her husband. When seeing the bike she stopped. “Oh my god”, she cried out and hurried away.

Except all the terrified people, the season 2014 was succesfull. In the end of the very same season Sami qualified to Finnish Superbike Championship A-class.

The look of the bike stayed pretty much the same during seasons 2014-2015. But oh yes, there were crashes. And many of them. So many, that we agreeded to wear punishment fairings every time they crashed. Punishment fairings look a like the same than pussy-bmw and porn bullet.

Despite all the crashes, fixes and paintings all over again, you can see that the style and the colours have been there from the very beginning. Pink, black and yellow. And there is something else too; the text on bottom. Have you noticed? In the beginning it was Sex Pistols. Now it’s Track Punk after the team’s name, but the style and even the font has remained.

Track Punk Racing stand @ Kuopio motorbike fairs.
Track Punk Racing @ Keski-Suomen motorbike fairs.

2015 Season ended for a big crash and after that Sami noticed that just in case of emergency he will need more riders for team… Team has grow year by year and now we have 5 members and one member in the scenes, Sami Vieltojärvi, Jenni Jokela, Mari-Anne Päivinen, Sven Röch and Jenny Ruokolainen (and Jenny’s father Janne Ruokolainen).

Summer in Finland is very short so we have move our bikes to Spain for winter. 2018 we took a big challenge when Jenny was one of the chosen one for European Talent Cup. It was really big thing for team like us to get everything work like in professional teams. Our journey has been full of happenings but we are full of trust that we are on right way. World, here we come!

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