Hiski Rönkkönen #76






Yamaha R6

Racing class

Jokamiesluokka, Superstock 600

I’m 18-years old racer from Orimattila. I tried first time to ride motorbike in 2011 when Motopalvelu organized a testday where anyone was able to try bikes. After that we bought a KTM50SX dirtbike, and I only rode it couple times before we changed it to Yamaha TT-R 110.

When I was 11-years old I got opportunity to try asphalt track at Alastaro Circuit with my Yamaha. MP-tuki was the organizer for these days and I also tried how to ride out from track and how the ”service car ride” feels. After Alastaro track days we travelled to Kemora Circuit and rode couple days more.

When winter came, we started looking for Honda NSF-100 MiniGP bike for me. We found the right one in spring. First track day with it was at May 2014. It was not easy because that was my fist motorbike with clutch and gears. I started training carefully and soon I became more familiar with the bike, and at first testing day I got couple times my knee down. I spent many days on track during that summer. I fell few times but nothing bad happened. Winter came again and we put my bike to garage waiting for summer.

At spring 2015 my first track days was again at Motopark. We tried also racetrack at Gotland, but it was not so fun. It was raining all days. At end of summer I tried first time to take part in race at Motopark, but sadly I crashed and broke my leg. Summer 2016 I didn’t ride at all.

In 2017 we bought new bike for me, bike for KTM 390 RC serie. I was taking part of all races and my best race was at Alastaro when I finished in 4th position!

In 2018 I started racing at Supersport 300 Serie with my KTM. I took part only for few races, but it was worth it. I got lot of experience.

2019 I started racing with 600cc Yamaha R6 in SSC serie (Jokamiesluokka) and I wasn’t the last one!

2020 I will race in Track Punk Racing -team with my Yamaha R6. I have plans to take part of Superstock-races, but fist I will race in SSC (jokkis) for getting more knowledge and experience.

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