Joona Seppä #33






Yamaha R6

Racing class

Superstock 600

I love speed. I love to drive anything that goes fast. I also used to drive my parents crazy very fast for loving speed that much.

Back in the days I was a goal keeper
I was raised in Espoo, Finland. In my early days, as most of us Finns, I was introduced to ice hockey. I played in a local team as a goal keeper. It was fun but the roar of the engines kept calling all the time. I wanted to drive those go-karts and anything that moved fast and at that time I didn’t even know that it was possible to drive a motorcycle on a track.

At the age of 9 my parents could not deny my passion for speed anymore so they bought me a 50cc Honda Monkey, which I drove all the time, no matter the rain, the snow or sunshine. I was so happy! I also got to drive different cars around our country house. Automatic, manual gear, whatever, I loved it!

Later we updated the Monkey to a CBR125R-street bike and a CRF-100- cross bike. They were so much more fun to drive and I learned a lot crashing them everywhere.

My next step was KTM-RC390. For some reason the bike and I never became very close friends. I really don’t know why. I tried my best but it just didn’t work for me for some reason. There was a lot of work for Sami because I crashed it every time and everywhere.

In May 2020 I got to try a 600cc street Ninja on a track just for fun. That was it! The bike felt like home instantly. It was my thing. The Ninja is now gone and my main weapon is Yamaha R6 which I’ve been driving all summer training very hard. In July I turned fifteen and had the possibility to drive my first race with the bike in the national races. It all went very well! On my third ever racing-weekend I got to step on the podium for the first time. Placing 3rd and 2nd in the races. Can’t wait for the next season!

My path on road racing is not the most obvious one but it’s mine!

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