Mari-Anne Päivinen


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Suzuki GSX-R600

I was 12 years old when I got my first bike, it was a small 4-stroke Suzuki motocross bike which my father picked for me. It was very clear for me from the day one, what I was going to do when I grow up; and it was bikes. I rode motocross until I turned 15 and my father suggested that I’d start road racing, and honestly my first reaction was that I don’t want to because it can’t be fun if you can’t jump with your bike. I was wrong.

Later on summer 2012 I first tried road racing at motopark with 250cc Honda CBR wich my father rented for me, and he was right, road racing is actually fun.

2013 I got my first bike for track and it was Suzuki GSX-R 600. I have always liked my Suzuki, I still ride with it and it has given me many good memories. We spent summer at Kemora with my father and we went to Alastaro few times too, but mostly we were at Kemora.

2014 I got into a bike crash with my street bike (Honda CBR125) and I injured my ankle so I couldn’t ride that summer at all.

I spent last few years focusing on my studies and working so I haven’t been active at track, it felt impossible trying to balance school, work and other things what young people do when they are trying to figure out what being an adult means. For me it was pure chaos.

Now that I graduated from my school, got a job and got (sort of) hang of how to be an adult I have made the decision to start prioritising more into my hobby, and hopefully my Suzuki works too, because that bike has been just a mess.

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