Sami Vieltojärvi #69


Team leader


Yamaha R6

When I was kid I was living in Northern Finland. My family and I liked to go out and our favorite activities was picking berries, icefishing and.. just kidding, I was with them in the forest only because it makes possible to drive around with all kind of things what moves with motor like motorbike, quad bike, snowmobile etc.

My first bike was 80cc Yamaha YZ but at age 14 I changed it to 50cc Suzuki PV because I was too young for driving on road and PV didn’t attracted attention for there. When I was 16years old I got my first car and I also got Rg125 Suzuki what i did paint by my self.

At age 22 I bought my first street bike Suzuki GSX 600F. Riding on street was boring and 2003 I take part of track days at Alastaro Circuit with Suzuki GSX-R 750 (1991) and I realised that high speed makes more fun for driving. Days was organized by MP-tuki and weather was rainy. Some of the organizers warned me that I will fall soon if i still drive at the same style.

I also take part of ”rataperse” 24h event..
I felt that I was fast…
I also got interested in motocross and for streets I bought supermoto, KTM exc525.

2011 I forgot streets, bought a trailer and I began to seriously practise to drive on a race track with Suzuki GSX-R 600(2002)and later GSX-R 600(2006). At 2012 I also participated for training courses what was organized by Kari Vehniäinen and Sami Penna and I learn a lot. I was full of enthusiasm and try to be faster and faster. Suddendly I fell and I broke my arm. After that I was little more carefully but not for a long, only that time what arm needs for heal.

I met Ari Pekka Päivinen and he asked me to race with his bike, why not?

Bmw s1000rr(2012) with all extra things what you can buy for it and amazing paintings. Awesome! Race went well and I race again and again. I have also signed a contract Punk Track Racing for the rest of my life.

Season was success, I was 3th in Nordic Suberbike B.

2015 Bmw got new outfit inspired by Sex Pistols. I got more and more speed and after 3 races I was 2nd in series points and two times on podium. Then huge crash happened in a high speed, speed was more than 200km/h.I was in hospital many weeks, both of my hands was broken and also my leg was broken.

I was bored for laying at home all days long and I started do some things in garage, it wasnt easy because both of my hands was broken and also my leg feels painful. I did what i can and I also booked trip to Spain for practising more driving.When winter come I realised that i’m not that good condition as i should be so I asked Janiika with me and we took her Honda to Spain so she could drive if i’m not able to.

Everything goes well and trip was fun. Honda CBR600RR was lazy as f*ck after BMW S1000RR, but feels good get back on track and I got chances for bypass of many bikes.

New season starts in Finland, my leg feels painful but driving was fun. I tried to race again, it wasnt as succesfully than before but fun. I heard that Imatranajot will do come back and I definitely did’t want to miss it. So I sign up and hoped that speed will come back.
When I changed oils for BMW S1000RR before Imatranajot I saw small piece of metal in oil and realised that it one teeth from gearbox. There was some problems in 3th gear already but it was too late to do anything so I choose to take a risk, shortshift to 4th And hope..
My leg feels painful but with painkillers pain was tolerable.Imatranajot was as crazy what i was thought, long straights for driven with full throttle and tight shikans, lot of audience and lot of bikes!After Imatranajot doctor called and said ”You need to come immediately to a new surgery”. My leg was still broken and also the metal inside had begun to break. That news made me understand why my leg felt painful all the time.

Season 2017 started and we have plans that both of us, Jenni and I will drive with BMW because I do have two same kind of bikes, 2012 and 2010. Both of them was in good quality and plan was perfect, for race I can use two same kind bike, separetly wet race bike and race bike. Well… Both bikes was scrap!Lot of problems in electric systems and lot of problems with engine. I was spend lot of time and lot of money for them but there was still broken parts what will cost a lot if I wanted to have those bikes for use

I put those doors close for while and opened others, I bought a brand new Yamaha R6.

My friend Ulla Kulju asked me to be part of her team. She had a dream to be first women who participate in the Road Racing World Championships for disabled athletes and it happens.
We had wonderful trip to France, race went like we have planned and she came home as a World Champion.

Season 2019 will start at Spain with Yamaha r6. I got my own number for superstock 600, now I am again Sami #69.

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