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  • 2012 Started racing with Minimoto
  • 2013 Started racing with MiniGP
  • 2014 MiniGP cup 2
  • 2015 Started racing also with moriwaki
  • 2016 Big crash but after that she was faster than before, in a race at Alastaro Circuit she was 30 seconds faster than 2nd best
  • 2017 Moriwaki Series winner
  • 2018 Moriwaki Series winner
  • 2018 Started training with moto3
  • 2019 Started Racing with moto3 at European Talent Cup
Jenny Ruokolainen


I’ve always loved speed and motorbikes. When I was little my dad had a Harley Davidson bike, which he used to ride me and my little sister to the kindergarten and later to the school. When I was three years old I got my own pink Harley Davidson bike and I drove happily around the streets all days long.

When I was 8 years old (2010), my mother died in cancer and next year my father met a friend who did some track day riding and inspired by her he bought a racing bike intentions to ride in the roads and go some track days
and later perhaps start motorcycle racing. Therefore my sister and I also wanted to have our own racing bikes.

So my father bought us two minimoto bikes and we started racing when I was 10 years old – and after that my father did not anymore had enough time or money to continue his own racing hobby.

The first season went well and it was fun. I even won Finnish Minimoto Championship (2012). At the end of the summer we also tried for the first time 100 cc MiniGP bikes.

At spring 2013 we were training in Spain for the first time. We practiced with minimoto and miniGP bikes and also took part in racing camp in Benidorm. It was fun and we learned a lot of new things. It was also fun to start season early, in Finland weather was still freezing and in Spain it was nice and warm.
We travelled with our own camping car and also lived one-month in our camper. We went around the Spanish karting tracks and got a lot of good experience from different tracks. On the way back, we went to see Barcelona’s attractions.

There were many Finnish juniors at the Spanish camp in Benidorm. The camp was organized by Scots and English.

At the season 2013 we got more bikes and we painted few of them pink. We focused driving more with MiniGP bikes.

At spring I hurt myself a little and we thought that I would have broken my ankle bone, but fortunately it was only the ligaments so I missed only one race weekend.

We practiced a lot driving on Hanko karting track and we went to competitions. It was fun when some miniGP races were organized on the real race tracks with the Finnish Superbike series. We were able to see the life of the paddock
on a larger scale and also follow the classes of adults. It was interesting to follow teams at the paddock. My sister and I were the only girls in our class and we were competing against boys. It was fun to try to challenge the boys, even though we were still beginners. People at the paddock were friendly, helpful and nice for us and they told lot of good advices. Life at the paddock was wonderful even though other competitors in our series didn’t like us.
Maybe they were afraid that they could lose to girls!

We started year 2014 with the traditional Spanish racing camp in Benidorm, but this time only with MiniGP bikes. We tested also other more technical tracks for example Alcarras. I learnt a lot and got much more speed and driving got better. Race season in Finland started very well and especially when it was a wet race Fanni and I were overwhelming and took double win.

I got more and more speed and I was on podium most of the races.

My favorite competition from 2014 is definitely Alastaro’s competition. There we raced together with Kenny Koskinen and the others were far behind. Both races I had a bad start and had to catch Kenny during the race and therefore I got really good lap times. I drove near to Kenny at both races and I tried to pass and win, but unfortunately Kenny was invincible. However, I was happy, because I could break Alastaro’s MiniGP track record. I improved the previous record (from Patrik Pulkkinen) almost two seconds. The record is still in my name.

I also tried for the first time 250cc Moriwaki bike and participated in a few competitions with it. It was a fun bike since the top speed in fastest Finnish race tracks is almost 200km/h.

At the end of season I was 2nd in MiniGP series, Peetu Paavilainen was 1st and Kenny Koskinen 3rd.

2015 I focused mainly to Moriwaki bikes and we bought two moriwaki bikes more. Again season started in Spain but this time at British Superbike pro-test in Cartagena and there were a lot of English Moto3 racers.

This season was a bit of a transition year for me. My main focus was on Moriwaki bike but I was still racing on MiniGP-cup which went quite well. However I couldn’t get enough points to compete the championship title since we missed both race weekends in Estonia, so I missed four races. I trained a lot driving with Moriwaki bike and I tried to get a good rhythm for driving.
That time Moriwaki bikes didn’t have own series, but they were competing in the same class with Moto3 and 125cc 2-stroke bikes. Moriwaki bike has less power and it was not competitive with those faster bikes. My best achievement for 2015 season with Moriwaki was in Botniaring competition with rain.

I was terrified because I had never driven Moriwaki in the rain. But in the end it went well and I was the fastest in the qualification and I got the pole position for race start. In the race I was second, even though I had to race against faster 2-stroke and moto3 bikes.

The 2016 season started very well in Cartagena, Spain. I drove with Moriwaki in pro-test, I was able to pass many Moto3 bikes and I was pleased for the results. I got really good speed in Spain and had more trust for the Finnish series. It was the first year that Moriwaki had its own standard series in Finland.

Season started in Finland and everything looked good. We were preparing for the season first race at Botniaring, but unfortunately on Thursday‘s practise, my bike’s engine broke down at high-speed (about 140 km/h). I flew off my bike and hit my head straight to the asphalt and went unconscious for a few minutes. After that I was in a so-called unrecognizable state for a few hours and I only had a few minutes of memory so I couldn’t remember anything and I asked the same questions over and over again. In the hospital after several hours after the crash, I didn’t remember anything closer from four days. In the end I got most of my memory back, but I still miss my memory for about 3 hours. I had to spend a few days in the hospital and I was under observation because of my serious concussion and I got an 8-week driving ban, including amusement parks and jogging and other vibrating activities.

Luckily I didn’t get any lasting consequences or any other symptoms. I missed three race weekends and the competition for the Moriwaki cup championships was already lost. I was allowed to start riding a motorbike a week before Alastaro’s competitions, and my speed didn’t got worse during my sick leave.
I actually improved my lap time (the personal best lap time) by more than a second. At Alastaro race I got pole position in qualification and in the race I won 33 seconds for next competitor in Moriwaki cup. So my crash didn’t really affect my speed.

The next season (2017) went really well. In race qualification I got every time pole position and I won most of the races in that season.

There was an unfortunate crash in the Motopark’s first race. I was in first position and already getting some gap to the back, but then I fell suddenly.
I do not know if I hit the rumble strips in the chicane or the bike just left from the hump. Luckily, I didn’t hurt myself and I could participate to the next
day’s competition.

I won the Fin Moriwaki Cup Championship and I was also invited to the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Selection event to Spain.

I was the only girl and the only Finnish racer.

A total of 109 drivers from 31 countries all around the world were invited to selections. In addition, only two others were invited from the Nordic countries. The RedBull Rookies Cup selection event was a really great and different experience.

2018 I joined to Track Punk Racing and 2019 I started racing with moto3 bike at European Talent Cup. First race was in Portugal, Estoril at 7.4.2019. I am a only girl at this serie and a only nordic racer, i am very pleasured of this opportunity!

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