Jenni Jokela #96


Promotion, Photographer, Graphics designer, Rider


Yamaha R1

When i was little i didn’t have chance to drive with motorbike. I was just like other girls and I rode with horse in the forest and sometimes at fields as fast as horse was able to run, but I really loved also cars especially trucks. Truckers festival and rallys was something so exiting.

At teen age me and my friends drove along the lake by car, there was some ice tracks. I loved hanging around a car shows, cruising nights and all kind of events where was cars or bikes or something with motor. I also did pr-jobs and started posing with cars, trucks and like that and also helped a lot in garage for fix cars and make them look pretty for show.

I become mom at age 21 and it totally took all my time. I earn some extra money by remove usefully parts from crashed motorcycles and it makes me interested more about bikes. I asked my friends to take me ride with them and I was happy when somebody picked me up for a ride.

I started dreaming that some day i will drive by self. I was 30 year old when I realised that something is still missing from my life. I wonder what it could be and yea, it was a motorbike and freedom what it brings for me! No more kids yelling at backseat, just me, sound of motorbike, road and wind!

Having a driving license for motorbike wasn’t easy. I start training with old and heavy African Twin and I drove it to the ditch.. I thought that i was a driving school teachers horror with all my questions but finally I got my license with second try. I was proud for myself.

My parents bought my bike to me for 30th birthday present and I chose a easy bike for drive and take care of, Yamaha FZ6S.

I enjoyed of every minute with my bike even when weather was bad. I found lot of new friends and new way for living. New world opened for me and finally I found peace to my heart.

At summer 2015 my friend asked me to come with him for track day to Alastaro Circuit, I was afraid because I didn’t have much experience for riding.

He told me there will be real racers who will help us and i was excited, of course!

I totally felled love for riding at race track and after that day I tried find out how to get on track days again and again.

I found team Track Punk Racing and got help. We exchanged our expertise. I was helping them at races and PR-things and Sami helped me to take care of my own bike and helped me to be better driver.

I started do some pr things for the team and again start posing and helping in garage for making bikes look good. Circle was closed.

In the fall 2016 I got chance to try the Yamaha R6R bike and after that i sold my own Yamaha FZ6S and bought Yamaha R6 for me.

painted it for team colours and it was posing at Mylly Motor Show for a month. Also my kids bike got colours..

I didnt drove with my Yamaha R6 even a meter before it moved away and I got bmw s1000rr for season 2017. First I was afraid for driving with bmw, but then loved it.

It was smart bike and lot of power, but engine broke down and it was so expensive to fix that we make plan B. I started drove with a Mari-Annes bike, Suzuki gsx-r 600.

Sami bought a new yamaha r6 I painted it and we took it to Spain for winter.

I got more and more things to do and I be came a bike artistic, driving teacher, track day organizer, photographer, designer and and and..

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