Miika Viiperi #5




Kawasaki ZX10R

Racing class


I live in Kokkola and my nearest track in Finland is Kemora. I got my first taste of Road Racing when I was in diapers. My dad was a racer and he also sold motorbikes and fixed them.

I got my fist motorbike at the age of eight, it was Yamaha PW80 and I drove all days long around our house. Once I got it so badly stuck on the ladder I crashed into that I couldn’t get it out myself.

When I grew few more years, I got Suzuki 125RM. After that I got more intrested in cars.

In 2010 I got two wheel ride again, Suzuki GSX-R 600 and tried it on track. It was fun but not THAT fun so I bought supermoto. Two years later I bought sport bike again and tried again to ride it on track. And it was fun, so much fun that I thought I’m the fastest biker and then – highsider! I think that was the time when I sold my soul to racing-life: after the crash I bought fully equipped 600cc race bike.

In 2013 I sold my 600cc bike and bought Suzuki GSX-R 1000cc (K6).

2014 was the first year when I tried to race in Yamaha Center Cup (jokamiesluokka). It was not a great success but it was good experience and made me realize that I all I want is to be a real racer.

In 2015 I raced full season in Finnish national serie Superbike B and got more speed. At Alastaro race I was 4th and I also won one Yamaha Center Cup-race at Kemora.

2016 I started season in Superbike B class and in first race I placed on podium! There was lots of happenings and I ended up selling my bike. It was not good decision. So… I bought a 600cc bike from my friend and started racing again. 600cc bike felt so good that I was faster with it than ever before. In every race I was on podium!

In 2017 I was fully prepared for the season, but then I started crashing it. I fell many times and my bike got lots of technical problems.

In 2018 I raced full season and placed 3rd in Finnish national Superstock serie!

2019 was the year when one of my dreams came true. I participated in a street race, Imatranajot! It was the best race of the season. Unfortunately other races were not going as planned. I only competed half the season because my arm felt painful after one little crash.

Besides Road Racing, I also competed in power lifting between 2009 and 2015. I won few finnish championship gold medals and ended up into European Championships with national finnish power lifting team in 2010 and 2011.

I did pretty good in my group, won couple silver medals in the national serie, but pretty soon I had to make a choise between power lifting and Road Racing. I simply didn’t have time to do both. I chose Road Racing! Probably because I’d already seen what power lifting can provide, and I knew that there’s always more to learn on a race track.

During winter I spend my days racing on ice, it’s perfect way to keep myself in shape for the summer races.

Season 2020 starts with new team and new circles around me. Luckily I get to keep my trusted mechanics with me. I’ll be also driving the familiar bike, Yamaha R6. Goals for the next season are: break some records and move towards the top of the serie riders.

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